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Eco Thermal Role


We present to you a product that we are the first to launch on the paper market in Poland and only a few in the world.

ECO THERMAL ROLE – without plastic core


rolki bezgilzowe

Thanks to the innovative technology, the roll is produced without a plastic sleeve and retains its characteristics and, above all, its shape (it does not evolve), it can be used in most cash registers.

By not using sleeves, plastic consumption in production is reduced to zero, thereby reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation.

The function ECO THERMAL ROLE is rounded off by the film-free packaging..

The product is packed in small handy cartons, which allow to use the product immediately after opening the box immediately after opening the box


rolki bezgilzowe

For further details please contact our sales department at the by e-mail: eureka.ilawa@gmail. com